How to french kiss for the first time

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Many people ask «how to French kiss»? Kissing is an integral part of intimacy and lovemaking. It stimulates the sensuous zones of our bodies, unveiling our deepest sexual cravings. French kissing is perhaps the most erotic and orgasmic kissing style that should not miss in any intimate encounter. Since it involves two people in deep emotional and psychological level, its success overly depends on the preferences of each of the partners.

Instructions on how to French kiss

With French kissing being the most important lovemaking mantra, it is common to encounter questions such as “what should I do with my tongue when French kissing”, “which is the best way to start French kissing” and “ can you show me how to french kiss?” in most relationship forums. Perhaps that is why the proliferation of French kiss instruction materials has hit the ground running in the recent times.
In general, it is safe to say that the procedure of French kissing largely depends on the preferences of each of the partners. However, the man initiates the entire process by gently putting his tongue into her partner’s mouth, specifically above the partner’s tongue. Flickering the tips of the tongues then follows, with each partner rotating his or her tongue inside the mouth of the other. For the process to be successful, the mouth and the intensity of breathing must be controlled and the process must be prolonged.

Pictures on how to French kiss

French kissing is one of the most sensual and personal experiences that plasters pleasure on the face of the participants as if the heavenly angels have already shown them the direct way to Paradise. That is why pics on how to French kiss are very instrumental in uncovering the nitty and gritty of French kissing. They give a graphical representation of the entire process and provide answers to most questions on French kissing.

It is worth noting that French kissing involves tongue contact. For this reason, a good French kissing picture should show the movement of the tongue inside the mouth. Pics that only show the interior part of the mouth may not provide enough information for a person who is new to French kissing. The most helpful how to French kiss pics are those that encapsulate the amalgamation of emotions that are redolent in this timeless and passionate romantic gesture. It is advisable to emphasize on the French kiss pictures that show the exterior part of the mouth with the sucking and flicking action of the tongue.

How to French kiss tips

Several tricks and tips can be employed to make French kissing an awesome experience. To begin with, both partners should make their lips moist by licking, drinking plenty of water or using lipstick. Obviously, the breath must be fresh to avoid a “square peg in a round hole” situation that would lead to embarrassment.


Perhaps the most important of the tips on how to French kiss is finding the appropriate time. This involves ensuring that each of the partners is ready. Making eye contact and smiling broadly may help in determining whether your partner is ready or not. Once each person is ready, every step of the kissing process should be taken slowly and carefully. The heads should be tilted slightly on one side, so that the mouth is in a kissable position. French kissing works well with eyes closed, since it is believed that when the sense of sight is inactive, the other senses become stronger, accentuating the kissing experience. Its crucial to note that the applicability of some of these French kissing tips depends on the partners in question.

Teaching how to French kiss

As noted earlier, the importance of French kissing cannot be overemphasized. That is why sometimes, teaching and learning French kissing is recommended to ensure that each of the partners knows what to do at the right time. For instance, if you are a man, you should begin by holding your partner’s face gently and slipping your tongue into her mouth. Suck on her lips too. This will introduce her to passion of the most profound kind, causing waves of desire to uncoil inside of her as you strike her tongue and lips. This will in turn make every emotion she has skate around in her brain. Remember that lips and the tongue are some of the most erogenous zones in women.


Moreover, French kissing does not only involve maneuvering the tongue properly in the mouth. It also involves the lips, the teeth, even the other parts of the body. For instance, placing your hand on your partner’s face is as right as rain. You should also be careful comprehend the body language of your partner.

How to French kiss guys

On the hand, if you are girl, you may consider putting your arms around the neck and pushing your body against your man’s body. In addition, do not keep your tongue in his mouth for too long. Instead, move the tongue in and out in fine moderation. Alternate putting your tongue too deep and putting it too shallow, such that it only the tips come into contact. Variation between open and closed mouth sessions will add color to the already good package.

It is also important to be aggressive. This shows that you are passionate about what you are doing and your man will be weak on the knees before you realize it. The domino effect will follow, as his arousal will automatically trigger yours, and yours in turn would automatically trigger his, leading to unending cycle of sexual stimulation and arousal that will leave each one you craving for more.

How to perfect French kiss

All said and done, it is important to shade some light on the prefect French kissing tricks. First things first. Just like lovemaking, foreplay will set the wheels of intimacy into motion and accentuate the kissing experience. In this case, you can start by kissing the neck, shoulders, or the lips as you find appropriate, depending on your partner’s preference. Other aspects on how to French kiss right include:

Control your mouth. Do not let your saliva spill all over the place. know your limits. Its is good to involve the other parts of the body, but it is also important to stick to the kissing limits. Soft moans and groans are the icing on the cake. Bite the tongue softly, without hurting the partner. Though other parts of the body are involved, the tongue is the most important part of French kissing. For this reason, you should have information on how to French kiss tongue at your fingertips. Consider the way your partner is kissing you and respond appropriately. People have different desires during a French kiss. A case in point, if she bits your lips gently, reciprocate. Do not be too fast or too slow. Establish a rhythm that is suitable for both of you. Kiss your partner the way you would like to be kissed. Play games while kissing, like whispering sweet words into her ears Make it last. A succulent French kissing session is characterized by slow, juicy, enticing and long kisses.

Concisely, though French kissing is one of the most important facets of modern relationships, it is important to know how it is done in order to avoid embarrassment and sexual dissatisfaction. If it is done perfectly, French kissing is likely to be followed by other sexual activities that may spice up the relationship further.

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