How to kiss a man

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Hahaaa! Who does not love kissing? That feeling of having someone’s lips on your neck, your mouth, your ear…. A kiss can be interrogative, chaste or dirty; it can be done anywhere on the body; it can be of a second or of several hundred of seconds. Kissing is among the universal acts of love known by almost everyone.

But which kinds of kisses do men like? Do they want it done passionately? Do they want a wet one? Kissing a man, especially for the first time, seems easy but if you don’t know some tips about it, you may not impress your man at all. There are certain types of kisses that men like. These are:

Tips: How to kiss a man

The Lip sucking kiss

This kiss usually happens during make-outs. It involves slow tugging of your partner’s lower or upper lip. Why do they love it?

This kiss is simply the best. It is the official indication, during make out that more adventures and talents are coming.

The Mid-sex kiss

This kiss is exactly as it sounds. You are making love and at the same time you are kissing. Why do they love it?

Apart from the obvious reason, it combines the dirtiest romantic acts which men love.

The simple kiss

It is simple as it sounds. It is a quick smooch done on the lips, the body, and the cheek, anywhere. Men like it because it brings them closer to their partners.

The tongue kiss

This is the real French kiss. It involves slipping the tongue in your partner’s mouth. Why do they love it?

This kiss is intimate just like sex. With closed eyes, heads tilted this-way-that-way, jaws stretching, bodies pressed together, hands roving, tongue darting, is one of the sweetest, most honest and simplest pleasures. There is magic in this kiss.

At the end all a man wants is a good kiss to make him feel good, happy and wanted.

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