Kiss tips girls: step by step

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People have been kissing for the longest time possible and it’s among the most popular ways of showing that you are really interested in someone romantically. If you never shared a kiss the whole act might seem very easy for you especially if you are a girl but getting the perfect kiss might require girls to get some tips prior to the kiss. Kiss tips girls need to observe are hygiene of their whole body but mostly the mouth as bad breath is repelling so brush your teeth before meeting him and carry mint or breath fresheners.

Kiss tips girls:

  • Exfoliate and moisturize your lips and don’t apply too much lip color or gloss as the guy you want to kiss will back off. Guys like to kiss girls with subtle makeup and supple lips. Look your best especially if it’s going to be your first kiss as you want it memorable. Make the kiss spontaneous to avoid awkwardness and use body language to signal that you want to kiss him or vice versa. The most obvious signal is looking into his eyes then at his lips.
  • When it comes to actual kissing, tease him by peppering him with pecks near his mouth but not on the lips as this makes him more excited. When you are both fired up, relax your whole body keeping your lips soft and light while you graze over his lips lightly.
  • Apply light pressure and move slowly while touching his shoulders, chest or hips. You can also touch his cheeks or tangle them in his hair while pushing him closer to you and this definitely turns on the heat.
  • After all his walls have crumbled and he is totally on the same page with you, mix it up by adding on the pressure, changing the speed and intensity. He shouldn’t be able to predict your next move so keep him guessing by gently biting or licking his lips, involving your tongue except when you are not.
  • If you decide to French kiss tips girls, open your mouth a little bit more to allow both of you to use your tongues and tilt your head sideways. Remember to keep your tongue moving when frenching him.
  • That said kissing should be fun so check if he is enjoying it as you continue. Learn to control your breathing especially for long kisses to avoid panting and becoming dizzy. Also learn how to swallow saliva as it build up during kissing and no one likes wet sloppy kisses.

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