How To Kiss With Tongue

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Kissing is not only about knowing how to kiss with tongue inside your partner’s mouth, it also involves the entire mouth; teeth, tongue, lips and the rest of the body. So how does one go about it? There are several things that should be taken into consideration. They are:

The mood – since kissing with your tongue for the first time may be a little scary, it is a good idea to be in a relaxed state of mind. A good idea to set the mood would be playing some soft music in the background and / or lighting up some candles. You and your partner can take your time and feel more at ease when the mood is right.

Start slow — avoid rushing into the experience. It is good to begin with a normal kiss and move on from there. Tongue kissing is more enjoyable when it is not rushed or pushed. Start slowly by parting your mouths slightly. It does not have to start out full-on with your tongue down your partner’s throat and vice versa. A little lick can be a good starting point.

Motion – the complicated stuff should be used once you have had some experience on French kissing (how to kiss with tongue). A good tip would be swirling it in a circular motion. Swirling can be done around your partner’s tongue or on your partner’s tongue. He / She will follow your cues and everything will fall into place.

How to kiss with tongue: Tips for men

For men, they should start by turning their mouths into a soft suctioning apparatus. Sucking on the tongue can be done in a similar way that sucking on a clitoris is done. This will allow your partner to catch on quickly and return the favor.


Licking her and sucking her lips with your tongue is another effective tip for tongue kissing. Begin by sucking her lower and upper lips in a ticklish, slow method. Once her lips are adequately lubricated with your saliva, let your saliva wet both your lips by moving your lips around her lips. You can also start by sucking on her lips (one at a time) if licking her lips makes you quickly wanting more and antsy. Such a move will prevent her from feeling like she has stuck her mouth on an opened vacuum. Be careful when you are sucking her lips because getting too rough might result with a hickey.


Using her body to sweeten and deepen the kiss is another way to go. You can alternate by French kissing the spot behind her ears, her eyes, breasts, neck and chin. Creativity can reap a lot of beneficial results. All you will need is the determination to try new things. When you kiss your partner and she closes her eyes for a moment longer when you have drawn back, it will mean that she thoroughly enjoyed the experience.


How to kiss with tongue: Tips for women

For women, hygiene should be the priority. Always maintain high standards of oral hygiene as bad breath is vey likely to repel our man. Using mouthwash after brushing your teeth is the best way to be sure of fresh breath. Accessories you should have in your purse include a lip balm to moisturize your lips and mints to keep your breath fresh.

Dressing up is another tip you should implement. Making sure you always look your best might result with a memorable spontaneous kiss. Since both of you will be close during the kiss, it is advisable to use a mild perfume to smell good.

Last, but not least, moisturize your lips and skin. Exfoliate your lips and moisturize your skin using a good lotion. Scrubbing your lips with paste and a toothbrush is an effective way to exfoliate your lips. Keep your lips supple and well moisturized by using effective products such as lip balms. If you have to wear lip stick, try using one that is lighted-toned. Do not overdo your make, but instead keep it natural and light. Too much make repels guys especially when they are about to how to kiss with tongue a girl.

With such tips, you should be able to successfully carry on with tongue kissing. A little practice can help you perfect the art within a short time.

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