How to say goodbye to employee phrase

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More often than not the departure of an employee is viewed negatively by both the employer and employee and the exchanges can be strained at the best of times and down right ugly in worst case scenarios. It is important to know how to say goodbye phrase to avoid an uncomfortable situation and to prevent a legal case because of having a phrase misconstrued. Whether the employee is resigning or his tenure is being terminated there are a number of things that can be done to turn the situation into a positive encounter.

Since the departure will affect more than the two parties, it is important to say a proper goodbye as it will say a lot to those left behind some of him may be the former employee’s friends. Letting go should be done graciously by showing that their presence and contribution to the company are appreciated which can be through a counter-offer even if just for appearances sake and asking for their advice on what could be done better. Ensure that the transition time is appropriate as too long will just result in slacking off especially towards the end. Having a party or farewell sendoff is a great way to say thanks, show appreciation and allow colleagues to say a proper goodbye and is also a great way to build networks.

If the imminent departure is because of a termination then it is imperative to know how to say goodbye phrase to ensure that there is no cause for litigation. Ensure that there are no words that could imply discrimination either due to old age, religion or injury. Make the meeting short enough to convey the message which should include the reason of termination and the benefits that they are entitled to as well as a word of thanks for their service and long enough to answer questions but do not exceed twenty minutes. The phrase to be used when an employee is leaving will depend on their reason for their leaving. In cases of a termination explain the reason they are being let go, thank them for their efforts and wish them luck. In cases of retirement state that they will be missed and wish them the best in the new chapter of their life. For promotions include a congratulatory phrase, word of thanks for the service and best wishes. If the reason for leaving is health related it would be nice to offer consolation and encouragement as they get better. A well crafted message that shows appreciation for the services rendered in that time, regrets to see them go and best wishes for the future will help turn a potentially negative encounter into a positive one that could even turn into a networking opportunity.

A gracious farewell is the key to ensuring that a good relationship is maintained as it will paint a good picture about the company, make an employee feel appreciated and this is free advertising as well as create rapport with those left behind. Knowing how to say goodbye to employee phrase will help an employer avoid a potential minefield and create an opportunity that could be beneficial to both parties.

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