How to Kiss With Glasses

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These are just some of the tips on how to kiss with glasses. There are other tips that you come up with as go along.

It has finally happened. You have found that someone that you so like. The one person that you are crushing on. This is a big deal. Ok, well, it happens a lot but this time you can feel that it is different. This time, the someone you so like and have been secretly admiring, who is very cute, nice and is so sweet, likes you too. You guy like each other and it feels good. No amazing. You start hanging out often and after the first few dates, you want to kiss him or her. The thought of kissing them cris-crosses your mind and you are constantly thinking bout it. Every time your crush is talking you are obsessing over their lip. The problem is you/they wear glasses. Glasses can be a hindrance when it comes to kissing especially if you do not know what to do. Read on to find out how to kiss with glasses without making it feel awkward and ruining the moment.

Boys and girls always ask the question — How to Kiss With Glasses?

  • Kissing a person with glasses can be challenging especially given the fact that there is always the chance of you staining the lenses. It is almost difficult to avoid this. However, it is not impossible to avoid. You can always tilt the head to the side. Tilting the head and moving a little bit back backwards always works to prevent fogging the glasses and ruin the mood.
  • This is probably one of the most basic of moves many people use without their knowledge. Sliding up the glasses. This gives you more space to turn your head and is comfortable too when you are having a long kiss. This move is similar to sliding up the lady’s hair band to get the hair out of the way and out of the lady’s face.
  • If you are with your loved one and you are on the bed making out, the one with the glasses should not be on top as the glasses will most likely slide down and get in the way in the process. Lying sideways on the bed can also prove to be very uncomfortable and destructive as the glasses may break. Being below is the best position to be in while you are getting started. While the heat rises, you can shift into other positions with ease.
  • Another tip you can put into practice is tilting your head back. This will make your lips be the center of attraction which will make the kiss even better as well as prevent the glasses from sliding down. The worst thing that you could do is look down. If you are short you are okay but if you are tall, you probably take up a position that brings you at the same level as your partner.
  • Pressing down the glasses o the nose will not do much for the kiss but it will effectively postpone the time they slide down again and you have to slide them back up again. If the kiss is a short one, then you won’t even have to readjust them again. Kissing while you have glasses on turns out to be a difficult task, it s probably a good idea that you take them off before you do. This can really be a cool move as you partner will definitely know what you are up to. The only catch with this however, is that you really need to act like it is the most natural thing in the world. Do not think about it a lot as it will kill the mood.

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