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Getting a good job today is not as easy as it was earlier, but it is difficult to live without a job due to the escalating cost of living. Thus, everybody are involving in job search in various ways. When it comes to applying for a job, written letters of recommendation are needed for some jobs.

You have to get to know how to write a job recommendation or otherwise the person who is asking for your recommendation will miss plenty of good opportunities though he have enough qualifications. This letter is also a step of application process and sometimes applicants will be asked to submit them with resume and cover letters. When you are asked to provide a recommendation letter for someone, you have the responsibility to do your best. Though there are many formats for recommendation letters, you have to pay your attention to the basic points and write an effective letter.
It is very important to get the CV of the person you are recommending. Then you won’t miss any qualifications of him and you will be able to choose necessary qualifications according to the job he applies. If you can discuss with them, you will be ables to recover plenty of other points such as their goals, interests and capabilities.
When we think how to write a job recommendation, we can’t forget about the importance of the first paragraph of the letter. You have to explain that how you know the person for whom you are writing. You may also include that for how long you know him and if he worked under your supervision before, you can mention the titles of both of you.
You have to mention the qualifications, skills, experiences and etc… of the person you are recommending in the body of the article. It’s better if you can include proofs for those things. For an example, you can mention a project carried by him as a proof to the skill of team managing. If he worked under you, you may appreciate his service to your company.
We can’t forget about the closing of the letter when we discuss how to write a job recommendation. It must be a positive summary and you have to mention that the person is outstanding. Mentioning your contact details such as the telephone number and the email address is an effective way to end the letter. When it comes to sending the letter, you have to sent it as a PDF or a Microsoft Word Document if you have to send it through email. Sometimes, you may have to send it directly to the employer.
If you can’t write an honest positive recommendation, declining the request is better than writing a negative recommendation. Anyway, when someone requests a letter of recommendation, you have to keep in mind that you can decide whether to make their dreams come true or destroy their innocent dreams. Everyone knows the importance of a job and helping someone to get a job is a great help these days. Thus, it is very important to get to know how to write a job recommendation properly.

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