how to write a mail address

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at 2014.06.09
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Although there are many conventions being used in the writing of a letter, many of us might be having less clarity on how to write a mail address? . Though comparatively more importance is given to the content and other important things, mail address format is the basic part of the letter writing format.

Instructions for writing a mail address:
  • The first and foremost thing to remember is that the receiver’s name should be mentioned in full. And the writing should be legible. Writing in capital letters might increase the legibility.
  • The next thing to be written is the exact address in the order of house no, street, town/city and state. And last but not least the Zipcode should be included.
  • Make sure to write in legible way and try to use good ink pen. Would be better if you add any landmark beside the house, after house no.

With these instructions, you can successfully get your letter delivered to the right address and i think it also answers how to write a mail address?

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